Thursday, August 28, 2008

thursday 27th 2008

Hey I finally figured out how to actually blog- It has taken me a while to figure

everything out- Im excited to actually keep a little bit of record of my family life

I hope it is not to boring for you all. Ansley just learned to crawl this week. and she

is pulling herself up to stuff and of coarse hitting her head on everything. She just follows me

around the room crying, imagine that. We are going to pinevalley this week with the whole

Gubler family. All of us in a cabin now that ought to be interesting. Im sure we will have a blast

the kids have been asking everyday when are we going, when are we going, when are we going.

Ill be glad to be leaving just for that fact. Well Hopefully that you guys will enjoy reading

a little bit about my family. Send me your blogs as well, I would love to have many to read.


thursday 27th 2008

thursday 27th 2008