Monday, January 26, 2009


Im a Yard Sale/ D.I. Junkee
I love to find old things and re-do them- I found this old chair for 5 bucks- it was brown -broken and had a black seat- I glued it painted it black and bought some material for 3 bucks and recovered the seat- I have redone my teen&tween's room by finding older furniture and repainting it-Ashia and I have been redoing her room for a young womens 10 hour project- We have Redone a black computer desk- this chair that goes with the desk and a tall book shelf and some other projects it has been fun!

Here is the girls at circus, circus-Anika with her cousins

Here is Ashlyn with her aunt B- they are 3 years apart and ashlyn is almost taller then B

Ash& little lady

Malasia & Keekers

Here are the girls at the Las Vegas Childrens Museum with clifford.
This museum is so fun for kids they learn so much about science and a lot of cool other things.
they had a blast it was really fun- GOing with the whole fam
to Vegas and staying in the timeshare. The kids swam, We shopped.
We went to PF CHangs, and just had a ball. Thanks hintons for the wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have a TEENager now! how will I cope

Can you believe I have a teenager? I am not old
enough to have a teenager- Ashia is now 13 and so
excited to be a teenager because it is closer to 16
little does she know when she gets to be 16 all she
will be doing with the car is running all my little errands-
Whoaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa!
She is such a good girl- She has had straight A's for two semesters
(Probably because she loves the money we bribe her with) and she
only has two more projects to finish her YW Personal progress! What a good
girl I have- (Lets hope it stays that way)
Ansley got tired of waiting for me in the kitchen so she decided to
fall asleep- Its hard having only one kid at home all day- She has
no one to play with accept me and that isn't to fun!

We went snow tubing for new years day! it was a blast
cedar mountain was just the place. the kids had a blast- Addi
was the little dare devil. she went all the way to the top and came down. That
girl isn't afraid of anything.

Just hanging with the honey- He always makes me
go down the steep parts even when I don't want to, but I always
have fun.
The kids and their cousin Kenzie Beardall.