Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow! who are those people. Just Me and Trev. Well every year we have an
and we have a blast. It's usually the married kids and mom and dad. And we have prizes for the best costume. It is Hilarious. These are photos from 2 years ago- We look horrible but that is the whole Idea. We have a blast. Ill post more pictures later of this years. Usually we carve pumpkins and have a contest. But we do different stuff each year . We shall see about this year, Im coming up emtpy, but we shall see what I come up with. Happy Halloween.!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last week the girls and mom had a girls weekend away.
We had a lot of fun. We went to salt lake and went to a
homecoming of my moms friends son. We had a blast. We made mom try on some knee high boots and it was hilarious trying to help her get them on. We went to PF Changs- the best restaurant in town. (MY FAV) and of coarse we had to hit krispy kreams on the way out of town. Thanks for all the fun Sisters and mom , you know i Love you guys.

My mom and sister at PF Changs

This is Addi pulling her sister in the homemade donkey cart around the house

the kids love to make her laugh and she loves all the attention.

This is ansleys first piggy tails. You can barely see them

Friday, October 17, 2008

I was going through my box of pictures that are supposed to be scrapbooked- Its a big box- and I found this little gem...So I now have it hanging by my computer!!!OH LA LA
This is my Sexy Man..... I told trev that Im posting my best picture of him on the internet. He told me I better not. He 's going to kill me but oh well maybe it will inspire him to get to the gym once in a while . He used to want to try for the utah bodybuilding title but he said he's to old now. I say try........ If it keeps him looking like that I say go for it.
THE BODY OF MY DREAMS!!~!!!!!!!!! IF im dead tomorrow you guys will know who did it-K_

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday my wonderful husband took me on a date- He even emailed me and asked me out It was very romantic of him. We took the motorcyle (I was scared for my life). and went up to virgin and he brought some targets. He told me it was time I learned how to use our little handgun. And that he was going to teach me how to load it and shoot it. It was an older gun that his grandpa gave him. andit even came in a cute little purse. Just for the ladys. But when I fired the gun, it was so loud and felt like i was going to actually kill some poor bunny out in the boondocks with this poor thing. it is a 25 Caliber pistol. And those bullets are bigger than a 22 bullet. They'll kill ya dead. Any way to make a long story short. I won the shooting contest with a bulls eye I might add (watch out scary burglers). I was pretty proud of myself. Standing there with my charlies angels pose with my gun in my hands. Charlie would have been proud.
Then we took off up to springdale, and ate dinner at Oscars Cafe. a great place to eat up their I might add. And then we drove home in the dark, on a motorcycle, Ive never held on so tight in my whole life. FUN FUN Date. Thanks trev

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look at this cute bubba's she is such a joy in our hearts
she is so spoiled there is not any time that she doesnt have someone coddling her and helping her be a spoiled brat. She has lots of mom's and I actually have to fight to hold her sometimes.

Here is Addison 8 and trevor on Addi's Baptism day she was so excited she just kept smiling all day long. Right before she went into the font she looked over at me and said "MOM, I just cant stop smiling today! She is so cute and such a good girl. She is our little runner lady. She ran 3 miles with me last night. She just loves it.

Addison right after her Baptism