Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Once crazy weekend!

Last weekend we went to ogden, and went to our neice brittanys wedding!
It is so nice to go to a wedding at the saltlake city temple- so special and so good! They actually had 44 weddings the same day! can you believe it- thats a lot of kids getting married at the right time in the right place!

This is me and trev! We hardly ever get our pictures taken

This is the family in front of the temple

Here is all the cute girls- Notice the cute dresses! they all match!

We had a great weekend and our family has been reading the scriptures and we made a goal that if we read for 60 nights straight we would do something fun! So we went ICE SKating! It was a blast and I didnt even fall down! We are almost done with our second set of 60 days so I guess our next adventure will be Pirate Island Pizza- Its what the kids pick- some nights its 11:00 pm and the kids will come in and say we forgot scriptures and we will all be dead tired but they make us read them- Even if I have to bribe them to read them! - Maybe just maybe they are getting something out of it! We need all the blessings we can get!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I think im in love

This is my one true love! ROAD RACING! Trevor took me down last year and had me
get fitted for a new bike! They actually measure you and see which size a bike
that you should be riding- The perfect fit! I wanted to get into road biking a lot more but the bikes are very expensive, Well trevor surprised me last christmas with this bike! And i think that I am in love! It is so light and nice! I love going biking, last week I rode out to sandhollow from my house and back. It is a very good ride! Lots of hills to climb. I just feel so free when im riding! Plus I don't huff and puff so much on this guy! and it just so happens that RED is my favorite color! Maybe my husband has been listening once in a while! WHO knew!