Monday, June 1, 2009

I think im in love

This is my one true love! ROAD RACING! Trevor took me down last year and had me
get fitted for a new bike! They actually measure you and see which size a bike
that you should be riding- The perfect fit! I wanted to get into road biking a lot more but the bikes are very expensive, Well trevor surprised me last christmas with this bike! And i think that I am in love! It is so light and nice! I love going biking, last week I rode out to sandhollow from my house and back. It is a very good ride! Lots of hills to climb. I just feel so free when im riding! Plus I don't huff and puff so much on this guy! and it just so happens that RED is my favorite color! Maybe my husband has been listening once in a while! WHO knew!

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The Andra Family said...

I must admit, I am very jealous. I'll have to 'get my husband to listen' so we can bike together.