Friday, October 17, 2008

I was going through my box of pictures that are supposed to be scrapbooked- Its a big box- and I found this little gem...So I now have it hanging by my computer!!!OH LA LA
This is my Sexy Man..... I told trev that Im posting my best picture of him on the internet. He told me I better not. He 's going to kill me but oh well maybe it will inspire him to get to the gym once in a while . He used to want to try for the utah bodybuilding title but he said he's to old now. I say try........ If it keeps him looking like that I say go for it.
THE BODY OF MY DREAMS!!~!!!!!!!!! IF im dead tomorrow you guys will know who did it-K_


Reno said...

Oh la la is right!

gina said...

Oh la la IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! When was this taken?????