Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dam to Dam

Well I thought that this picture was so cute SO I just had to show it this girl loves bathtime. Today I took her clothes off and her diaper and turned around to get her water ready, when I turned around to pick her up low and behold their was a puddle around her feet and she was laughing.

This was her first
hair cut! I just trimmed the back and round brushed it. It makes her look so old. The little stinker.

This was the
Dam to Dam race. With me and my sisters and Sister in law Steph. We had so much fun. A couple of us were race bandits but hey it was still fun. I was so sick that day with the worst cough and cold ever but I made it to the finish line- Even though Im paying for it now.

Here is another picture of this little fart. She loves to climb in drawers and is always taking everything out of them. Everyroom I go in she has taken something out of each and every drawer. But she is so cute doing it that I just cant be mad

Well This really has been a crappy week. All my kids have been sick and now Ive got the cold, cough,
sorethroat, . And to top that off one of my best friends mom just passed away. Most of you know keturah and that her mom Sheila passed away this week. It is so hard. Life really isnt fun that much and the trials we have to go through really are hard in this life. Keturah and I go to the temple once a month and we have went every month for 3 years now. ( She has helped me get there when before that I was only going once in a while) Plus we just have to stop and have lunch to make it worth our while. SO It has been really a hard to watch a friend have to go through what Trevor and I have went through with his mom. I found this poem and It really touched my heart.

"For each of us there is a journey,
a long road-
a time of trouble and pain,
a moment of sunshine and joy.
No one else knows the path,
for no one else has traveled there before.
We walk alone; courage our only companion.
We may travel in Darkness
or we may travel in light
it is our choice.
But meeting Christ
is the final destination of our soul!

Please pray for Keturah and her family, I know that they could use a lot of prayers right now. When something like this happens to you, you really realize why the Lord says in the scriptures to "Mourn with those that Mourn. Because we need all the help we can get in this life. Thank you to all my blogging friends and even those friends who I do occationally blog stalk. You inspire me everyday to do just a little bit better. Even through your trials and daily struggles I learn a lot. Thanks for keeping me going and striving to do better!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prepare every needful thing

I have been thinking a lot lately about food storage and the need
to prepare every needful thing- I must admit I havent been the most aggressive
saint when it comes to food storage, but lately I have felt the need to do more and to
do a better job of actually listening to my prophets more carefully . And actually do what they
are advising us to do- whether its food storage or more temple attendance, (Besides my patriarchal blessing talks alot about food storage- so I guess i better listen) I know I need to heed their counsel more in my life. So I have been trying to do a better job of it. We actually canned about 40 cans that night. Just me and my 6 year old. The others only lasted about a 1/2 hour of work but KEEKERS was a champion . I also have a list of Non Food items that we also need to store- So if anyone wants it just leave a comment and a email and Ill email it to you- Its kinda cool you just put down let say how many toothpastes you use in a month and then you figure out how many you use in a year and you work towards getting all of them until you have a year supply then you move on to the next item. Ive been trying to look for stuff on sale when it comes. That way you can by more of them. Like I needed 12 dishsoaps and found them on sale at family dollar for .90cents and now I have my year supply . I also got a year supply of Shampoo and conditioner for less than $35.00- VO5 for .67cents a bottle- We have a lot of girls with long hair so we needed about 24 bottles of each 2 bottles a month. Usually monthly I don't buy Vo5 but at least I now have a year supply of it. So let me know if any of you want this list.

HAPPY BABY WITH THE CRAZY HAIR!!!!! This is where My Baby likes to hang out while im on the computer- She loves to crawl up under my chair and onto the printer- She doesnt like any toys she just wants to bother me all day. So She hangs out in her little cubby until Im off the computer. LOVE the crazy hair

Here is some more pictures of things that I have repainted and redone. for the tweens bedroom
this is shelf that was given to me and i repainted it- I got these cool picture frames and painted them the different colors of their new room.

Here is their Magnetic board that I repainted and
put the cute saying under the bottom of it. Hoping that one day
it will get through to them

Here is the desk that I repainted black. It was white and I bought it at the DI for 10 bucks. The chair was 5 bucks. And above that is the beautiful cross stich saying that keri made for me awhile ago- its so cute- I made the frame to put it in and added the pink ribbon to go with it. I love the saying:
What Lasts?
IceCream Melts
Flowers Wilt
The leaves of Autumn Fall
Sunsets fade,
Seasons change,
And children don't stay small.
Baloons pop
Snowfalls stop
Do summers last?
Weekends fly
today will die