Monday, March 30, 2009

One year older and wiser too!

Well this last weekend was my b-day and my wonderful husband
surprised me by taking me to dinner in springdale and then
we went to a bed & breakfast- The red rock inn-
It was so much fun- He's surprised me before but he has never packed all my
stuff before and just went- Even some of the kids knew but didnt let on.

We went the next day and hiked Angels landing with Teresa & Barry and Travis and Sandy, It was a lot a fun and a good workout. I chickened out at the very last and didnt go the entire way but I am okay with that- I HATE HEIGHTS! Then we hit sandwiches in Springdale and Olive Garden that night! They surprised me with a yummy cake. Thanks guys!
Trevor had went up ahead of time and decorated our room- He did such a good job. He had everything- He had the fake wine (Berry Cider) with cute wine glasses and balloons all over the floor with rose petels- He had roses on the bed and he even made chocolate covered strawberrys- He even had a cake with candles on it- He thought of everything- What a wonderful husband I have- It was a blast- I love surprises and they don't come a long every day- I am truly blessed! Thanks hun! for a wonderful birthday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have decided to actually try and lose some weight- and
I am putting it out in the open so that everyone knows and maybe
just maybe this time it will give me a kick in the butt to actually do
something about it. I havent lost that last 15 pounds that my beautiful
daughter decided to leave me with, and my body does not want to loose
its food storage very easily.And I don't know if it is just all those girl scout
COOKIES, or Im just getting older, So Today was the first day and it was tough but I
got through it and Im still alive- I have never had any problem with the
exercise part- but my eating habits are horrible. I found this website
called myfitnesspal and it is cool. You enter your information for the day-
and it helps you keep track of it and tells you what you need to be doing.
So if anyone of you out there is trying to also lose, I could use some good
recipes, tricks and some support. I cant seem to get past a week of dieting.
Its my downfall, that and DQ on the weekends. So each week I will post my little
calender of weight loss. And hopefully there is something to report.
SPRING IS IN THE AIR and I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired.............

Well this is what my family has been doing for the last
3 weeks. It started with Ashia and then to the rest of us. Not fun.
I was sick in January for 10 days with Strep. Then for the last 2 weeks I
have been real sick with fever, broncitis, and a Sinus Infection. After about a week a coughing
my head off. My husband forced me to go to the Dr.'s Probably because i have been keeping him up at night with my terrible cough. I told her that I seem to be getting sick a lot lately and that it takes for ever to get better, So she gave me a series of Antibiotics and took a few tests and found out that I have "MONO". I had it in highschool. ( Yea I know the kissing disease , RIGHT! ) and had a real hard time of not falling asleep where ever I was. I was so tired , I had trouble getting to school everyday. Good thing we didnt have RESTITUTION back when I was going to highschool or i would have probably had to have Summer school for all the days I missed or was late. Needless to say its back which is rare but in my case is probably chronic and I hope I can get over it soon. It just makes you super tired all the time and you can't seem to get over things very well. So thats my luck. A crappy immune system. We always tell our parents we have crappy genes- Its the joke in our family! So enough of my poor pity me party!

Yesterday, we went to St. George to the Cannery! We have went every month this year-
It has been kind of fun- my mom, and my two sisters went last night, Meg and Tanycia- I canned Sugar, flour, Spaghetti, and rice. Its been fun to watch our food storage grow. We have made a better effort to follow the prophet and I really feel like he has blessed our life. Of coarse my mom treated us
to Durangos salads after we went canning. I have to admit I have a great mom and she is always a great example of what a mom should be. I love you MOM!