Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do you ever have that feeling like your going to explode if you don't
get to get out of the house once in awhile! Well that is how i have been feeling lately besides the fact of being sick this last 2 weeks (IMAGINE THAT) me and my sisters decided to head to vegas on a whim! and it was so much fun! We got a free stay at the new palazzo & Free tickets to Lion king- What more could you ask for! - It was so very nice! thanks meg!

Here is the waterfall that is by all the shopping!

Here is a picture of what our bathroom looked like-
I really hope i can be good enough on earth to have a mansion that
looks like this in heaven!

Here is our suite- it was a two bed suite and had its own living room - it had 3 tvs and was so very nice!
We went school clothes shopping! and we got to go to the broadway version of the
"LION KING" it was so fun- and the costumes are so awesome! the tickets are pricey but if you saved up it is definitely worth taking the kids to! $58-130.00 a ticket!
all in all it was so much fun! I love being with my sisters- they are so much fun and we have a blast together and get along great! We always have our inside jokes and just have a good time! Thanks girls for the wild trip! (Peanut butter!) We always have so much fun just people watching! Its free and its the best entertainment ever! Especially in Vegas! People are Hilarious! In one store that we went shopping in one girl asked if we were from UTAH- and we said yes! but we were wondering how she knew we were from utah, were we dressed a little too modest- did we look a little bit too much like each other! Did we look like cousin had married cousin! I guess we will never know! it was a lot of fun and I cant wait until the next time!
I need something to look forward to something! HINT HINT TREVOR!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

BROKEN CAMERA & $15.00 Bug sprays!

So i havent wanted to blog because i have been upset by my camera being broken!
It was in the baby bag and had milk from a bottle spilt on it and it is totally ruined!
So I just cant bring myself to blog with a broken camera! I need to post pictures to blog about
so this will just have to do- I will use my daughters little camera until mine can get replaced!

By the way for all of you money savers out there my husband is in the Landscaping (so great to be in in this area) &
Spray business (His is licensed ) and is offering a killer deal of $15.00 Perimeter Bug sprays- most people charge $35.00 to $45.00. Just to come and spray for bugs! He also does weed control (for all of you who hate to pull weeds) and lawn fertilization.
He is just going to school full time and is trying to get a small clientele to get him through school.
his number is 435-467-1594! So anyone who is tired of paying high prices and wants a good deal. Give him a call.