Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Weekend we went to PineValley to a cabin that we go to every year with all the Gublers
there are about 30 of us in five bedrooms and 2 bathrooms- We always have so much fun. I can't believe how fast it goes by. Trevor took the kids fishing and bought them each there own poles. He taught them how to string their poles and put every thing on them. Anika caught her own fish. She even casted it into the water herself.

Pretty Big for anika!

Addison caught the most- She said that was because it was her 8th birthday that day

Here is ashlyn she caught this little guy!

Here is trevors new transportation
HIs first little motorcycle- Its a kawasaki- He rides

this little beast to school and back it sure saves us about $400.00

a month in gas compared to his diesel. It even has purple flames on the


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Reno said...

You won! I kept checking back and forth between you and your sister to see who would blog about the weekend first.
It sounds like a great time.