Monday, December 29, 2008

Here is our family at temple square- It was fun
we had never been to temple square in SLC to see
the lights before. It was very very cold!
Trev and I and Ansley.......

We stayed the weekend at Grandpa Rowlands
We had a blast. We always have such a fun time
when we go to visit grandpa and LottyAnn.
Great Food, lots of laughs, jokes, and just having
fun being together. Thanks guys, for having all of us over!

Snow Tubing in grandpas back yard! Trevor and Rick
are the biggest kids of all and that is why the kids love
to play with them. The Christmas season is over but
we are excited to begin a new year and get back into the
swing of things.....Hope everyone had a great season!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

14 years of Wedded BLISS!!!! I THink

This is Ansleys new face when she says OH-NO
She is growing all to fast. SHe is ONE Already! Had
her birthday last week and ate a chocolate cake and loved
every minute of it!

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!! the kids loved playing with
trevor all day in the snow! THey were freezing by the time
they got done building snowmen and forts! What a good dad! Mom stayed in were it was nice and toasty

Trevor and I on our 14th wedding Anniv.

Wow , 14 years of being married, I never thought that would happen, but it appears that a lot of things I thought would never happen, happen a lot now. LIke these tiny little crows feet starting at my eyes and the way that the last 10 pounds just wont drop off. And how I don't make my bed everyday like I used to. And how I forget things, Like picking my kids up from school on early days. (It only happened once, I promise) . Trevor took me up to Milts Steak house in Cedar city on Weds. But we only made it half way up to Cedar and had to turn around. We drove in that crazy blizzard. We were slidding all over the road, and so we turned around and went to st. george. We went to TEXAS road house and ate like kings. I love this kid! We have had such a fun ride. We have so much fun together & enjoy spending time with each other. He is my best friend. We laugh at the same stuff and always have our inside jokes. I love you Trevor.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Love Grows in LITTLE Houses"

Hey everyone, sorry I havent up dated in awhile, i have been sooooo busy.
We have been moving back into our house in hurricane, The kids are so
excited to be moving back to our old house. They always loved the neighborhood
but I always have wanted a larger house. Oh Well "Love grows in little houses"
Well tough times have a way of winning out! Especially when you are a landscaper these days! Good thing trev is going back to school. He has finals next week Yea!!!!! and then we wont have school until January. He has been doing so good. He is at the top of all of his classes. I am so proud of him...He works so hard for us. Working all day and going to school all night. What a fighter! no wonder I love that kid! Well hope that everyone has a happy holidays! Hopefully
I will have some family pictures soon it has only been 2 years now or longer its about time......