Monday, November 23, 2009


This is exactly how I feel this year! For some reason I don't have very much holiday spirit! Im excited don't get me wrong, but Im just oh so tired! Just thinking about how much there is to do- along with church callings, homework, the freezing weather, and everything else. I just wish there was a day just to stay in bed with nothing to do and no reason what so ever to even get out of my PJ"S. FOR A WEEK! I know I just probably need a good night sleep but even that seems to be gone these days! I still have to pick up ashia from her play tonight and it is 10:00 at night!

Our school has a thing called "HARVEST OF TALENTS" its kind of like reflections-
Addison won 2nd Place- SHORT STORY
Ashlyn won 3rd place- drawing-
but cried all night because for the last two years she has gotten first place. How do you teach them to be good sports and be grateful for what they have! Because her younger sister ANIKA did a drawing for 2nd grade and didnt receive anything.
All the while we had to listen to Ash who was devastated ! "KIDS THESE DAYS- SO DECENSITIZED(?) by movies and other things" (THE GRINCH)

the kids made the Christmas count down. Where you make a holiday figure- we did santa claus and then you get 24 pieces of chocolate (my FAV) and roll them up in clear wrap and tie a ribbon around each candy so it makes a long chain of candy and we hung it up . The kids cant wait for december 1st to come! BUT I SURE CAN!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Activity Days!

What a horrible Week- I was in charge of an DADDY /DAUGHTER DATE activity for about 60 people last thursday! If that wasnt enough I had to put on another party the day after for 21 kids at school! Sometimes I wish I just had the guts to JUST SAY NO! but I guess I need blessings in my life! and there they go out the window by me complaining! Here is a picture of the kids with their dad! What a good dad! Dressing up all elvis like! He was tired of wearing his costume! He wore it to three partys last week. So we definately got our moneys worth!

Here is some of the spooky food we did! We also had boney fingers (white chocolate covered pretzel sticks shaped like bones) Monster Mush (Sloppy Joes) Spider Legs (CHEETOES)
Witches Brew (Frozen red hands with plastic flies in them)
These turened out just like eyeballs/ half were green and the other half had blood-shot eyes!

here were the 60 cup cakes- DEATH BY CUPCAKES- they turned out cute! Just use nutterbutters with the rip on them and crush up some fudge cookies to look like a freshly dug grave!

Here were all my helpers! Im the witch- Dont you just love the Green Shirt Im wearing! It even had shoulder pads in it! It was one of my moms old, i mean very old Maternity shirts- Hilarious! that it was the perfect witch dress! Ill be honest, I am so glad that last week is finally over! and so are my kids!

Halloween Activity Days!

Here are some of the girls in the place we shot pictures with their Dads

Here is our line of food! it was fun to decorate!