Friday, January 15, 2010

Monthly Menu's

Okay, So I seen these online and just had to buy! They are so cool! It only takes me 5 minutes to write my list and off I go to the store and have 1 or 2 weeks worth of recipes! I bought 4 months worth- so we can have a different recipe every night for 4 months! I made my own holder which saved me money so I bought 4 months worth of recipes for only 20.00 I think it was way worth the time and effort these cute girls went through and they have some really yummy stuff! It has made my kitchen time cut in half and I no longer say- what am I going to have for dinner! its already done for me! IF you want to go to their web site and look around its Pocket full of Posies- just type that in your google search and they will pop up! they have the best recipes for deserts too! just scroll down their home page! Ive written out tons and tons! I hate to cook- well thats not true! I love to cook but hate to make the mess and clean it up! so Id rather not! But this has helped me out tons! Im also going to start posting my favorite blogs- Make over- cooking- school- church! Ive found ton's that I atleast have to look at once in awhile!

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