Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working 9 to 5

So I am no longer just a stay at home mom anymore! After much thought & this lovely economy I am now going back to work after a nice 10 year break! I am now working every MONDAYs and TUESDAYs at SIMPLE PLEASURES SALON at 57 E. state street from 9 to 5 . It isnt quite the right time for me since I still have a 2 year old at home but with trevor going to school it will really help out. So if any of you need anything just let me know........ I have a great Color line and a GREAT Highlight and Low light line. I also do eyebrow waxing/haircuts/Perms etc etc. I really do love it! There is a girl at my salon that does nails, and she really does a great job- My sister also does Eyelash extensions ! They are awsome and are so cute! It takes about an hour or so! I do hair for Proms and great going out do's- I do give great discounts for family and friends so let everyone know! I know this is a shameless plug for myself but I just thought I would let everyone know that Im back in the game!


Becky Seymour said...

Done! I want cute hair. I will call you when I save some cash up for you! Hope you have fun!

Shane and Brandi said...

We got them at Tai Pan back in the rod iron section. Perfect for Christmas! Sorry I don't have your e-mail so I couldn't pass it along that way.