Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where did the summer go?

I cant believe we are back to the grind and starting school already.
My kids have done a lot this summer most of it has been a "STAYCATION"
thats where you vacation from your own home and try to hit all the local things you don't normally do. Here are the kids at the fair. Dont you just love the fair. 110 degrees, dust flying, weird people, and crazy rides that end in throwing up in the nearby trash can. (Brynli you know what im talking about) but we usually try to support the local wards and have a navajo taco. (Way to go Lav 4th) they are always so yummy! This is Ashia with ansley, I usually have to fight to get to hold my own daughter, Ashia is so good with her!

Here are all the crazy kids! after their fun rides!

Here is the girls at PIRATE ISLAND PIZZA- Last monday we took all the girls to
ANNIE and went to dinner before hand- if you havent been there it is really cool for kids. The decorations are awesome- the food is pretty good, but its just worth going for the atmosphere!

Annie was really good too! I love the Dixie Direct! it has been our constant companion this year! everywhere we have eaten and most of our activities have been used from the dixie direct, it has saved us so much money! we got annie tickets 50% off! and last Friday Trevor and I went to see "Annie get your Gun" at the st. george musical theater- It was so good! you guys all missed out if you didnt see it! we also got that show-buy one ticket get the other free! So it was a pretty cheap date night!

Here is a picture that was taken a couple weeks ago- we hiked the narrows with the Rowland family! it was a lot of fun, but I was so glad that I only brought Ashia and Ashlyn with us- It was really rocky and I sprained my ankle once! but it was so beautiful. It was cold and the water was up to our chest in some areas but it was worth the hike! what a fun day! I can't wait to try some more hikes! Sorry Ive been such a slacker in my blogging , for some reason I just want to read everyone elses and not post anything! Ive got to get me a better camera- Im using ashias Polaroid- and it is horrible. But anything is better than nothing i guess!


gina said...

Sometimes I think Staycations are the best. it looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish that I would have gone to Annie.

The Andra Family said...

hey autumn, we are having to re-do our yard since the addition. We are getting quotes from Landscaping companies. Could you email me a way to reach Trevor to come take a look and give us a quote?