Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magic Jack

Okay so we decided to use the magic Jack!
You buy this little box that plugs into the usb port in the back of your computer and plug your existing phone into and whaallaa you have a phone line! We were paying about 79.00 to qwest for High speed internet and a phone line! 35.00 for our phone line and 35.00 for our internet and all the silly charges that go with it! Well we switched to Baja broadband for 39.00 a month for the highest speed you can get and no fees just 39.00 a month and now we only pay 20.00
YEAR for our magic jack-
It is
1- Free local and Long Distance calling
2- Free Voicemail,
3-Free Directory Assistance
You only pay 40.00 to start which you can buy it at walmart!
thats only 20.00 for the little box and 20.00 for the whole year!

IF you want more info go to
Im for anything that saves me money and now I only pay for internet monthly and no phone bills-Anything to save money these days.........

The draw backs of having magic jack
1- they cannot yet give you your old phone number- you receive a new phone number
(they are working on this one- some citys can keep their same number but not us yet)
2- Your computer has to be on so that the Magic Jack can work! but knowing the rest of you, if your anything like me your computer is on anyway! Turn off your computer and your voicemail will just pick up your messages!

We have tried it and loved it!
Only $20.00 a year!!!!! who can beat that! for the same thing that qwest was offering for 35.00 plus all those taxes a month!

I say give it a try! Great for a second Line!
Im not trying to sell anything, Im just for things that make my life a little cheaper! So I can spend the difference at the D I and get really great treasures and redo them!


keri said...

I am glad to hear positive things about Magic Jack. Chris wants to do this but we were wanting to see how it would work out. It sounds like a great deal.

saskia said...

so glad I stopped by your blog, because I have wanted to eliminate my phone bill, but I need a phone!