Friday, October 30, 2009

Elvis is in the building!

Okay so here is our annual party! Trevor won funniest costume! It was so much fun! We laugh our heads off when we see each other! my parents were from grease! Kacan and gabby were peterpan and tinkerbell! (we loved singing the song- We are men-were men in tights-tight tights- from Robinhood men in tights- Aaron and mary were the phantom and christine. Meg and Russ - Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby- Chase and Steph- well he actually shaved his head for this part- The pirates! Tanycia and troy the cowboys and of coarse I was cat woman and Trev was ELVIS! It was a lot of Fun! I have the best family ever! We eat and have a pumkin carving contest- Ill post pictures later! and we play an elephant game! and it is funny how things keep recircling each time we play : like the "GAS we PaSS" book and THE DUKE (aka the Jock Strap) - Poor Parents who have to deal with roudy kids! Its a lot of fun!

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keri said...

Looks like fun. Maybe we need to start a family Halloween party tradition.