Saturday, October 10, 2009

Im in LOVE!

For all you redo'rs out there this is my new found LOVE! I can't believe I have ever lived without it! I know it has been around and it only costs $2.50 but if you love to make over anything this is the bomb! You just attatch this to your spray can- ONE SIZE FITS ALL and bam no more messy spray fingers - I finished one chair and both my pointy fingers were so cramped up I thought that it would take me a week to finish all of my chairs.....I went to walmart and bought some more paint and wow! I finished all 5 chairs- did 2 more chairs and two nightstands that I bought at the DI and refinished and put new knobs on them. Beautiful! So here are my before's and after's I love Black! Can you tell! I recovered the chairs with this striped material that I love! it has a lot of reds and creams! I want use this same material and make some hanging drapes to match my chairs and maybe a few accent pillows !


AFTER! SO tell me what you think! This is the best I could come up with in the department of photography wiht my $20.00 polaroid- crappy camera! Its what you put up with why your husband is going full time to college and working full time! By the way Im happy to announce that my husband got accepted into the NURSING program- after lots of hard classes he finally made it in- they have about 120 people apply and accept only 35-40 students twice a year! He had to take lots of math classes and anatomy! you know the class that they cut up dead people! EEEWWW! He wants to be a Nurse Practitioner! So we have a few more years of school but hey- enjoy the journey right!

Let me know what you think of it! If you click on the pictures you can see it a little better- i sanded a few spots to give is a rustic feel! I first tried a cream colored and was going to glaze it brown! but with my material it was too light together - I needed to pick darker material for the seats to do cream colored chairs! so Black it was!


Reno said...

I think they look great. Nice job. And good news about Trevor. It'll be worth it eventually, right?

keri said...

Love the chairs. I will have to remember this little tool I have never heard of it but it sounds great.

Meg said...

Good job...they look great. Now where are you going to put all of them?:)

The Palmers said...

Wow! They look great! Jon is working during the day and going to the Police Academy at night. It's like we are sigle moms. At least we sleep next to each other right? Soon, they will be done with school and have jobs that are in demand and not break their backs working so hard out in the weather.

Anonymous said...

I love how your chairs turned out! It was great to see you guys at Witches Night. You all looked cute.