Friday, October 30, 2009

Elvis is in the building!

Okay so here is our annual party! Trevor won funniest costume! It was so much fun! We laugh our heads off when we see each other! my parents were from grease! Kacan and gabby were peterpan and tinkerbell! (we loved singing the song- We are men-were men in tights-tight tights- from Robinhood men in tights- Aaron and mary were the phantom and christine. Meg and Russ - Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby- Chase and Steph- well he actually shaved his head for this part- The pirates! Tanycia and troy the cowboys and of coarse I was cat woman and Trev was ELVIS! It was a lot of Fun! I have the best family ever! We eat and have a pumkin carving contest- Ill post pictures later! and we play an elephant game! and it is funny how things keep recircling each time we play : like the "GAS we PaSS" book and THE DUKE (aka the Jock Strap) - Poor Parents who have to deal with roudy kids! Its a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our trip!!!

WITCHES NIGHT OUT! up at the Gardner Village -cool place to eat, and shop and just look around! I want to take the family when it is not so crowded. If you havent been there just google it and you can get into their web site and look around! It really is a cute place to visit!

Me and my 2 sisters, mom and Grandma D. decided to take a fast trip up north and have a little fun! Here is what we all looked like!

My mom is really getting into this photo thing?

Here is a photo of us girls with Grandma! She really is a fun and SASSY woman! We love her to death and love teasing the snot out of her! She is such a great person and has always been such a great example to me- even if she does call me a little "SHIT" every once in awhile- I guess I deserve it though! We had fun! went shopping, ate at my "BEST" chinese place P.F. Changs and just had fun! Thanks girls , its nice to get away everyonce in awhile!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Im in LOVE!

For all you redo'rs out there this is my new found LOVE! I can't believe I have ever lived without it! I know it has been around and it only costs $2.50 but if you love to make over anything this is the bomb! You just attatch this to your spray can- ONE SIZE FITS ALL and bam no more messy spray fingers - I finished one chair and both my pointy fingers were so cramped up I thought that it would take me a week to finish all of my chairs.....I went to walmart and bought some more paint and wow! I finished all 5 chairs- did 2 more chairs and two nightstands that I bought at the DI and refinished and put new knobs on them. Beautiful! So here are my before's and after's I love Black! Can you tell! I recovered the chairs with this striped material that I love! it has a lot of reds and creams! I want use this same material and make some hanging drapes to match my chairs and maybe a few accent pillows !


AFTER! SO tell me what you think! This is the best I could come up with in the department of photography wiht my $20.00 polaroid- crappy camera! Its what you put up with why your husband is going full time to college and working full time! By the way Im happy to announce that my husband got accepted into the NURSING program- after lots of hard classes he finally made it in- they have about 120 people apply and accept only 35-40 students twice a year! He had to take lots of math classes and anatomy! you know the class that they cut up dead people! EEEWWW! He wants to be a Nurse Practitioner! So we have a few more years of school but hey- enjoy the journey right!

Let me know what you think of it! If you click on the pictures you can see it a little better- i sanded a few spots to give is a rustic feel! I first tried a cream colored and was going to glaze it brown! but with my material it was too light together - I needed to pick darker material for the seats to do cream colored chairs! so Black it was!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

THE MOLEST-STACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay my blogging skills are to a minimum - ive have so been a slacker and I will do better- Ive just had no desire to take pictures with my little crappy camera - I need a new one so bad and Im hoping for christmas Santa will bring me a new one! Well I will tell you a little bit about this last month- My Parents rented a cabin in Mammoth creek and it was a blast- ALL my family stayed there- It was a lot of fun! we played volleyball, card games, an elephant game with the adults- Ate tons of great food, and just sat around and talked! It was fun! Here is a picture of the kids waiting for everyone to come out of the small opening at mammoth cave!

Here is a picture of "STANLEY" aka chase my brother- He grows his MOLEST-"STACHE" AS we call it- in very unusual ways- he can grow one so fast that every two week he is coming up with a new mustach do. This is his trucker moleste-stach. and he makes this ugly face for everyone to see....He is always walking around looking like a dork. But what are brothers for

Here are the girls at mammoth creek- ashia is offically almost 4 inchs taller than me and a few weeks ago we wrestled and she got the better of me! Wow! how time flys

Here is ash at her 11th b-day party- she had a late night pajama party with 10 girls- WOW thats the last big party for her! Usually I only go until 10 with the big partys but I caved in and let her have one more- It was the death of me- We made homemade pizzas and the girls got to put what ever they wanted on them and then we did carmeled apples- (Which i would not recommend because ash and her cousin kenzie got burnt) and then we made banana splits-we did play some games and did an Halloween elephant game (which only 11 year olds could fight over which trick or treat bag they got) all in all _I wanted to kill myself when it was over!

Here are some chairs that I am in the process of refinishing- Check back in a little while and hopefully they will be done- I have five of them that I got at the DI and I love the High backs! Im posting this picture as an incentive to get them finished......................