Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here is our 2008 Halloween costumes for our annual halloween party.
It was such a fun. To see the rest of my family, like the play boybunny and hugh heffner.
And fred and willma, and the plig family and the rest of the bunch go to my sisters blog at they are hilarious..................My husband is such a good sport.
He's the headless man and Im the devil. Awesome.


The Andra Family said...

Wow you guys go all out for your costumes. Sounds like fun.

The Palmers said...

I hope you guys won the contest. You look awesome! I love your new family picture too!

beckyandsamfam said...

those are great costumes! You guys did awesome!

Robin said...

This kinda freaks me out!

Hammett's said...

You guys look awesome! I haven't seen you's our blog
Happy Holidays, Jess

Daisy Paige said...

Hi Autumn! I saw your comment on my blog a while back, but when I tried to click on yours, I kept getting an error message.

I'm glad you stopped by to say hello! Your girls are so beautiful, and wow, do your Halloween costumes rock. The headless man was brilliant!